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Blood And Sap


01 Gentle Final Binding 02 Dedication 03 Stored 04 Doris' and Your Poem 05 Even Sige's Drum 06 For Your Rising 07 We Are the Fairies 08 The Blood and the Sap Are One 09 First Is Fire 10 The Preserver 11 She Will 12 She Will Not Wait 13 Xin Song 14 Road 15 Spread Wings, Glory of Elves 16 And Will Not Capture 17 Love Does Not Go Here 18 Some of The Details 19 Human 20 From Maybe Randy 21 Where the Joy is the Style of Arranging to Arrive 22 The One Not Read to Someone 23 Orange of the Flag of Ireland 24 Deer Clan Song 25 Song Of The Iris Shield 26 To Her And To You And TO Them This Side 27 The Front 28 God Guy 29 Bye 30 MaPele-Within 31 Corazon Lucina 32 Meddler Between Friends 33 And When You Wake Wake Me 34 Damascene 35 Bright Oils 36 Sun Heart Prayer 37 Your Forerunner, That Cryer

My heart to your heart
my prairie and your prairie
my fog with your fog
our Phoenix rising .


It is with the deepest respect for all the traditions from which I have
learned, that I go beyond them. In turn, I wish you to go beyond me.

By awakening and nurturing the rainbow power within, you may be able to
play a part in the healing of the world.

I hope something here helps the whole of you to make sweet, white, dark,
rainbow paths, peace paths for the child within, and for you, Rainbow
Dancer, and for the growing of corn.



Now I see the blue and green and yellow
and red and black birds
come from the far lands,
now the Red Rainbow Woman,
Ho !!  Now the Thunder Children walk,
and will not be turned back,
and won't be confused.
It is stored.

Stored until a second of a minute
of a day of some year
when understanding has increased,
when the plots of priests are understood,
and building in the minds and hearts
and free places,
and your joy places,
and your dark places,
and your windy lighted places,
The Return.

Now sounds the Rainbow Drum of Earth and Heaven,
the People's drum --
even now I hear it.

It was not written for her alone, so this is

D O R I S '   A N D   Y O U R   P O E M

Blessed be her drums. 

Blessed be the Rainbow child of any sex or age. 
Blessed be the Rainbow Daughter, 
Blessed be the Rainbow Son. 
Blessed be her drums.

Blessed be the truth-sayers. 
Blessed be the heretics, the sifters. 
Blessed be her drums. 

Blessed be those who give back power 
that is not their own,
and Blessed be those 
who regain their own power, and 
Blessed be her drums.
Blessed be bold women; 
Blessed be gentle men.
 Blessed be her drums. 
Blessed be the big and little trees,
and all rivers, 
Blessed be the frost and the fire,
the storm and the quiet,
Blessed be the peace.
Blessed be her drums.
Blessed be they who defend themself, 
Blessed be they who defend another,
Blessed be her drums.
 Blessed be the workers.
 Blessed be the stomachs
and hearts and hands
 of you and yours,
and of me and mine.
 Blessed be her drums.
Blessed be the land.
 Blessed be her drums.
E V E N   S I G E ' S   D R U M
So she came, riding the horses of our minds,
and did in fact come with drums.

And you and I came also,
a little under-wrought,
but maybe then got ourselves drunk, 
and then gave birth to her 

( and came shaking with the light, 
and came with Sige's drum. ) 

And so he came with willows, 
and told you what you knew, 
and began a singing in late spring. 

(They met us there, 
(( with the water, with the wine )), 
his drums also, and his willows, 
her willows also, and her drums.)

  F O R   Y O U R   R I S I N G

Climb, this once, your turquoise throne, 
Silver Sun; 
The Ghosts have all come, 
and are gathered for your attention and for trade; 
last many years of time are gathered 
and name you as their resolution. 
Green and rainbow and black is their day-banner 
while they wait for your permission.
Your banner is on their flags. 

Times are written fires are broken 
for your rising for your rising, 
symbiotic legions to perform 
for your rising, for
your rising, 
of crystal paisley vision born 
that you be rising rising rising
that in a full time dreaming 

are crosses, shadows, waters we have worn 
of crystal paisley vision born 
to wage our love, 

that I and I, 
that you and you and you be rising. 

W E   A R E   T H E   F A I R I E S

The plague of pearl light, 
rainbow wind contagion, 
the rose wind cedar wind's flame of healing, 
strike you alive !! 

You are the desired ones, there is no other.
We are the desired ones, we do not wait for another. 

Who will bring the mother-right? 
who will bring green healing? 
who will declare an emergency of love? 

You are the desired ones, There is no other. 
We are the desired ones, we do not wait for another. 

Who will say that on a given time,
at a given place, 
by an abject act of will and love's severity, 
that we are the fairies, 
we are in battle, 
and we have returned? 

You are the desired ones, There is no other. 
We are the desired ones, and do not wait for another.

 B L O O D   A N D   T H E   S A P   A R E   O N E

The blood and the sap are one.
the land it rises for you,
the land rises just for you,
and my heart's land also.

It waits for you,
you are the land's destiny.
Your failure will be the land's destruction,
your heart fire is its glee.
The blood and the sap are one.

There will be no new land,
new age, new way, new seeing,
new world order,
without truth's dragons.

Athena must come.
In Her behalf will come
the dragons of Avalon.

The Blood and the Sap are one.

F I R S T   I S   F I R E 

I'm a Youist,
a post-Yahwist;

The Galilean and Buddha both pray
daily for your kindling,
and so do even I
and so do most devils
all angels;

for your kindling.

Town shivers and town will learn
We cannot balance a flame
til it truly burns.

T H E   P R E S E R V E R 

I am the preserver,
just a sister, just a brother.

New allies come
who still a little fear me,
but I have wised up to Jehovah,
and I have befriended Serpent,

I have met the Mother,
My hand is against the towers of Christendom.

I am the preserver,
just a sister, just a brother.

S H E   W I L L 

Yes, She will come.
There is no doubt she will;
do not listen if they tell you "no".

The Mother's Heart will respond.
She will come as we die,
that our death be mourned;

or later still,
in the chalky anonymity
of forgiving soil,
after we go.

But, she will come.
This one heart, this sun will,
whether early or late,
finally leave no fuel unburned.

I am a yellow bird,
and you are the Sun heart,
and no other is awaited.

S H E   W I L L   N O T   W A I T 

The Goddess,
She will not wait
for a more appropriate deity

-- not on the sacred land,
as it is poisoned;

she will not wait,
not in the rule of iron,
where nothing has occurred,
where they say she is the same
and all are the same
as He who brought the iron.

The heart of the Mother will not wait.
She will speak through me
if she cannot speak through you,
even though I am stumbling.

The heart of the Mother will not wait
to feed all the children,
to clean the land and water,
and to restore the right operation of fire.

X I N   S O N G 

If you feel,
I declare that you and I are related.

Ho rose wind,
ho rainbow wind,
Ho cedar wind,
ho wind of Return.

Hail storm,
hail sun,
hail rock,
hail worm;

heya sacred flame of life for now,
heya soft loamy dispersion
of death for later;

hail Holy Earth entire,
hail individual places of the Earth
that I have known,
hail individual places of the Earth
that I have not known,
hail each season;

hey sib,
hey sister,
hey brother,
hey father,
hey mother,
hey spring,
hey field,
hey flower;

all you who presently live,
all you who are presently dead,
all you dogs and bugs and horses,
all you cats and whales
and house plants and jungle plants;

Ho cedar wind,
ho lily wind,
ho rainbow wind,
ho wind of return.


Hail field
Hail flower
hail light
hail storm

Hey heart
Hey worm
When it is said and known,
that road.

S P R E A D   W I N G S ,   G L O R Y   O F   E L V E S

Open your eyes fully,
Rainbow mom,
and tell us of the day.
Spread wings, Glory of elves !

The mouse has come,
there are live monkeys yet,
and I have told them that you come.
Spread wings, Glory of elves.

I fly before your face,
I make kindling of your eyelashes
to fire the prairies of your heart.

Wake, mother.
will be gone,
and all her seas,
unless you wake.

A N D   W I L L   N O T   C A P T U R E

Lesser ones may dodge and weave,
, not you and I.

And when we meet
I will leap no walls for you,
and will not capture your heart;

It will be no conquest
and it will be no sacrifice,
but a mating in free

L O V E   D O E S   N O T   G O   H E R E

Love does not go here
as in peace;
here love walks with guard
and is provided guard,

does not live at ease
in unwalled cities
in this smoky room,

Is provided careful passkey
as Prinz in time of war
but some keys are lost or fail.

I too can live or would live
( though danger rages )
where love has made
Jer shield
and storm.

Love here
(yes, the gentle rainbow lightnings)
is provided clearings in cloud.

S O M E   O F   T H E   D E T A I L S

With the beating of my
and with every step
I hear the thunder of her drums;

I hear the Peace Child,
the Rainbow Child,
I hear the thunder of her drums.

I declare:
the divinity is female and male,
and we will know Her;

We seek the face of Sophia,
the message of Hera
that Iris brings,
and Ishtar's Shield.

There is only one war,
and distractions from that war,
and we are all the Holy Family,
and every inch of ground is as holy
as it gets,

and it is here this side,
and I am here this side,
and you are here this side;

You are the Royal Child,
in the One War.

Have pride,
and be worth pride;
female and male,
we are all one Goddess.


I heard of a god guy
long ago,
who tried to divorce
his most bright and honest son
for heresy,
and claim he was just a creation,
a fiery gizmo employee thing
called an angel;

and this god guy grabbed off
enough power
among the froth our minds made
to murder independent voices,
killed millions of sacred Humans
and dumbed us out with
squinting to see him as good.

My mother the
the one heart,
would have begun a gallery
on the stairs,
proudly displaying
her Son's new heresy,
and could have told the god guy
our whole family of life IS heresy,
and was never authorized.

There is one human heart,
to which all human hands connect,
and all our varied minds;

We'll consult
on attaining Heart's desire
as that one Heart is clarified.

And those minds
will meet and play,
-- to ride, chain, and arrange the lightning,
-- and we will stand there,
within vast light,

We the bright Sun's daughter,
heart's archangel,
heir to the crown and sacred banner of Heresy.

from maybe Randy --

Some say the gift
of the Boddhisattva
is in being thin.

This mite bee true too,
but, the gift of the thin Boddhisattva
is not being
more thin.

S T A L E   G L I T T E R ,  
W H E R E   J O Y   I S   B U T   A  
S T Y L E   O F   A R R A N G I N G
T O   A R R I V E

She does not want a partner,
she wants a man to beat her
at her intrigue,
to magically overpower her
with personal force
just like old what's-his-name.

I could go in a land so made,
where they glisten,
where the lesson is strict
attention for advantage
and there is constant testing of rank,
and weakness in sparring
is worse than evil,
where the deceiver is proud
and the deceived ashamed and unworthy,
where they glisten.

She definitely is a good
weapon of reward,
but I will pass.
I will not take up unlighted ways.

Maybe, living in the green lands
(if then I'm alone)
she will come in after days,
and reminisce
as her coals dwindle,
as my coals dwindle.

Maybe we'll have a small taste
of what we could have known
of the lands of truth's reward
and Fairy fire.

 The One Not Read To Someone

Were these different times,
and these here places
in different places
I would take that gown
d o w n
so down

lick 'em,
start with that
and make night's fires.

O R A N G E  O F  T H E 


I looked inside,
 in the 6th direction,

and called the turquoise bird of clear light
 (she who is Rainbow)
 with my work of years
 and heart song of years' duration.
 She came with the red bird,
 and brought sunrise and open night.
 These poems are their gift to me,
 and their gift and mine to you.
 When the four of them came to me 
(and I knew such things were strong)
 it seemed I felt
 the drum of Earth and Heaven.
 She requested that I visit with them,
 and fly with them in a showing,

to strengthen the gifts.
 With the red bird 
(in who courses the fire),
 with the open night bird
 within whom is Earth,
 with the Dawn bird
 who flies in all the air,
 and She,
 the clear light
 Bluegreen bird in water,
 I flew to strengthen your wings and my wings.

I am Hearing Two Thunders,

and this is the D E E R C L A N S O N G

And in the near west
(we may never see
 far western stars)
 in the west they have come.
 The chariots of the Lady
 upon our near kin and middle kin
 upon the large reptiles
 upon all the mammals and frogs
 and upon the plants and trees
 and upon much else 
of Earth's Blood Earth's treasure.
 They have come upon us -- 
they will come much more.
 For we this day greatly pollute
 and greatly burden
 and wastefully kill.
 They have come -- 
the chariots of Eve Gaia have come.

In the rapid grinding of wheels 
and the flashing of DNA fire, 
they begin to break our foolish flesh 
who think to war with nature.

I am Red Bird.

This is the S O N G O F T H E I R I S S H I E L D

Holy Mother,
the Mary of God,
 be with us now
 and at the hour of our birth.
 Come Lilith,
come Athena, come Eve.
 There is a long tide, and a time
 when Bethlehem waits for a passing beast;
 there is at times a table laid
 for any meal that comes.
 The forest dances, 
shaking with the light. 
The light is the light of hope,
 but there is NOW a long tide time now --
 that tide will soon recede.
 If they do not rise, 
forests will fall and trees will burn;

unless you wake,
 we will do some more again;
 unless you wake,
 we will try again what always failed.
 Unless we see your banner,
 unless you wake,
 we must return to his,
 unless you wake,
 we will do the same some more again;

unless you wake we'll only have
 your holy bright wrong son,
 a jealous testosterone-poisoned deity
 (a familiar wrong at least where no right comes)
 unless you wake.

Back to the paths that brought us here,
 unless you wake. 
And if you come after the great pain,
 it will be too late for us,
 it will be too late,

too late, too late for us.
 I must say no.
 I plead you no for all of us.
 Come Red Woman,
 retake your sweat lodge,
 your blood is power;
 Come Bodhiluce;
 We hear your distant drums.
 As a Julie said,
 we dance you now awake ! 
Take it up, take it up,
 pagan song for prayerful pagan dancers,

take it up.
Whether we're living or dying,
 take it up.
 For they who will feel the heat,
 and for all yet to be, take it up.

T O  Y O U


You want to know,
 can't I just tell
 you what I want?
 I want to be enveloped in your fire,
 and live;

I want your will
 to rule the rulers of the Earth
 and be gentle to the trees;

I want to sleep sometimes,
 knowing you watch with keen eyes;
 I want you to taste my love --
 a cool fire singing,
 a smiling in your veins,
 a personal cheering on
 for a you beyond control; 
I want my fierceness and your fierceness,

and my soft, and your soft,
 to partner in the wild;
 I want you and I
 to adopt the world
 and hold it in wide wings, 
to rest within the waging of Peace,
 to gentle it all alive; 
And in the chanting,
 and in daring,
 and in recovering from daring,
 and in the boiling of beans,
 to use this life's whole time.

T H E  F R O N T 
Find the people you care about;

they are, deep in their heart, despairing;
 Find the people you care about;

expend yourself in the rallying of them.
 I cannot cure all your hurts
 maybe none of them,
One thing I can likely do -- 
my gift if you allow -- 
I can help you
 find the front.

T H E  G O D  G U Y

 Guys of the God guy
and the God guy's gals
 have come again to sacred fire
though they did not tote the wood,
 though still they run the worlds' game tower,
 and though still they chasten
 almost every bloom to caution
 that should be free !

Every too perfect circle
 is grave danger
 and there is barbed wire
 in any spectrum,

and barbed wire
 for you
 even in solar things;

 Again they would steal your names,
 again they'd re-explain your dances,
 get you on that well worn course,
 that corpsed road
 back to good old God guy.

There are 5000
years of notches
 on that gun ,

 and the only human's planet
is being lost
 by the people fruit
of a world-wasting God guy.
 It is written "bad tree".

B Y E 

Me for
the nearest
 fire that welcomes.

 I will no
 longer stand
 at perspective

 from the tribe's
 too easy comfort,

 nor advance counsel.

 And, I can abide
 with them
 the common day.

M a P e l e - W i t h i n 

Fires of Earth
 Earth's fires --
some come when called;

 these flames roll
 against sunset,
 in reminder.

Only flames rule flames;
 I am born in smoke;

 I walk, this day,
 in reminder.


Before the castle,

just outside,

for your use

a power is stored.

Where time forgot,

where lands wait,

spring will come;

winds will come

to shake the barley,

shake the corn,

shake shake shake .

Bring thee candles and rain !


If I were its person,
whose TV was only black-and-white,
venturing only into a few
dualistic near-by
places of ping-pong,
having to feed
on the jags for amplitude,

I wouldn't give out
 ethical permissions
to such a one as me,
or anyone,

nor get between same
(smell the ozone)
certain pissed-off,
 principalities and powers.

(just a little louder):
Though you understand
 some that I don't,
so also conversely
it is true;

it doesn't need me,
to make you unsafe here.

A N D W H E N Y O U W A K E , W A K E M E

(Written by 7 march 1977 ce)

Of those who sung in song,
some are locked in chains now;
forests will fall,
 and trees will burn,

unless you wake.

Tender sprigs are growing,
set toward dawning --
(they are filled with life,
but they will die.)

unless you wake.

Earth will be gone
and Jer pleasant seas,

unless you wake.


Inspired by more than one, provoked by one,
 written to many.

 Brown-eyed Suzanne,
 you are sharp and keen,
 Damascene ,
 and you are
 flames and flowers.

 I have messages
 to greet thee,
 fires to unseat thee,
 please flash to beat me
 and be gentle as rain.

 I hope I
 am not presuming

but patience I
 have yet to gain
 and every clock brings pain
 and draws from the storehouse
 its hours,

 puts cobwebs on the bowers
 and dust on the terrain.

Hoping to be met by your towers
 I bring my personal powers
 hoping to bring to you
 and find
 fiery flames and flowers,

 and so come dancing
 like showers would
 of upward and gusty rain.

 Please come to meet me,
 please come to
greet me
 fancy or plain.

B R I G H T   O I L S

Though I cannot be swept
with thy pungent rain
nor quench my increasing desire
with your fine terrain
( and though this, I say, saddens me ),

It is the bright oils of your spirit
and the fiery nurture of your eyes
that I would gain.

S U N   H E A R T   P R A Y E R

Prayer of invoking the sun heart --
prayer of hoping
that my art and your art
may rally, may light
this common maybe day !!

This is incantation
and a prayer of invocation
from all the trees
on all the lands
of all the world
that want your fire !!!

Y O U R   F O R E R U N N E R ,   T H A T  

Have I told you yet
of the dances that we do,
you and I and they,
in past and future,
waging Peace and Love?

Have you been seeing
or have seen
that you are beloved,
and they are,
and that their hearts' target,
and your hearts's target,
are real?

Thus it is not some
future or past time,
but now, that the
good red road time is.

It is now, and I
am your forerunner,
that cryer,
in that wilderness.